Safari users have two options for using userscripts: NinjaKit and GreaseKit. Unlike NinjaKit, GreaseKit works in Safari versions older than 5.0, but NinjaKit is easier to install and is much more compatible with scripts written for Greasemonkey.


NinjaKit is an extension that adds userscript capabilities to Safari 5.

Installing NinjaKit

To install NinjaKit you must be running Safari 5.0 or newer:

  • Go to the NinkaKit homepage. The page is in Japanese, but don't worry - the install link is in English.
  • Click on the "NinjaKit for Safari" link, and when prompted to open or save the file, select open.
  • Once the download is complete Safari will popup a message to confirm that you want to install NinkaKit - click install.



GreaseKit is a plugin that adds userscript capabilities to Safari and other applications based on WebKit.

Before you can install GreaseKit you need to download and install SIMBL. Then download GreaseKit Disk Image, exit Safari and copy GreaseKit.bundle from the Disk Image to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. When you restart Safari you should see "GreaseKit" in the menubar, and clicking on links to userscripts should bring up a prompt to install them.

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